Eyelashes Ext / Perm / Tinting

Eyelashes Ext / Perm / Tinting

Features of Eyelashes Ext / Perm / Tinting

Puspa Day Spa has built a good reputation in eyelashes extension service in Sterling and surrounding areas. Our experienced and skilled technicians use the highest quality lashes and medical grade adhesives to give your eyelashes natural look and feel. Whether you need the extension done just for a day’s event or want it to last longer than 3-4 weeks, we have it for you.


Depending on your choice of extension, the process could take from a few minutes to over an hour and it will be very relaxing like any other spa services. The initial full set extension could take well over an hour but subsequent refills could take about half an hour.


  • Individual eyelashes $85
  • Classical/Cluster eyelashes $55
  • Strip/False eyelashes $20
  • Eyelashes tinting $25
  • Eyebrow tinting $20
  • Eyelashes & Eyebrow Tinting $40
  • Eyelashes Perm/Curl and Eyebrows Elimination $45 and $45